Jackson Mahomes absolutely dragged by Chiefs Twitter after alleged assault incident

Jackson Mahomes was never truly liked in Kansas City, despite his brother Patrick’s best efforts. The brother of the Chiefs’ star quarterback is often seen as a nuisance by the fans. Jackson has also gotten into some trouble in the past for his… questionable actions. Now, Jackson Mahomes is facing allegations of assault (physical and sexual) after an unruly incident at a local bar.

Here’s the Jackson Mahomes assault video. Hopefully this is the least we see of this little scumbag. #ChiefsKindom #KansasCityChiefs #KansasCity #JacksonMahomes pic.twitter.com/Jd68t8dXlX

— Curtis Loew (@ShutUpCraig) March 4, 2023

The video circulating on Twitter shows Jackson Mahomes forcibly kissing a woman (the owner of the bar) twice. In addition, a police report stated that the brother of the Chiefs star shoved a waiter in that same bar. That is deplorable behavior from a guy that was already generally disliked. As you can imagine, Twitter was both angry at Jackson… and simultaneously celebrating his “downfall”.

All of us looking at Jackson Mahomes pic.twitter.com/ay4SbukXoM

— Pizza Dad (@Pizza__Dad) March 4, 2023


— SilverSoulKen 🎯 (@KenDizzleST) March 4, 2023

Jackson Mahomes accused of assault? pic.twitter.com/XmTdPVPivs

— afk (@afk345) March 4, 2023

A fan pointed out how easy Jackson Mahomes’ life would’ve been if he didn’t get into trouble. He’s the brother of Patrick Mahomes, for crying out loud! All he needed to do was to not be a prick… and yet here we are. No wonder Chiefs fans hate him.

All Jackson Mahomes had to do was shut up and enjoy having a rich brother for the rest of his life and he couldn’t even do that.

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