Minneapolis welcomes Travis Kelce with “Mr. Pfizer” billboards

HENNEPIN COUNTY, Minn. (KCTV) – Minneapolis may love their Minnesota Vikings but they sure do know how to welcome an opposing team.

In this case, one Kansas City Chiefs tight end gets a special welcome with “Mr. Pfizer” billboards. On them is a mock up of purple and blue jerseys that include Travis Kelce’s jersey number.

The Pfizer Covid-19 Instagram page posted a photo of the jersey with a caption that reads “We just might put this through R&D”.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers referred to Kelce – who was recently featured in a Pfizer commercial – as “Mr. Pfizer” while talking about the Chiefs win over the Jets, last Sunday.

Kelce was asked how he felt about the ‘nickname’ in a press conference. He said that he stands by it, stating that he got the vaccine to keep himself, his family and teammates safe.

“Yeah I stand by it, 1000 percent. And fully comfortable with him calling me Mr. Pfizer,” Kelce answered.

According to an email, these billboards can be seen all across the city.

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