Patrick Mahomes is well aware of Chiefs’ playoff-clinching scenarios on Christmas

Receiving the same present every Christmas may not sound optimal, but there’s one that Chiefs fans will be happy for again this year. There are two ways for the Chiefs to secure their spot in the postseason on Christmas Day. They can clinch their eighth straight AFC West championship on Monday with a win over the Raiders. Should the Broncos lose to the Patriots on Christmas Eve, the Chiefs would merely need to tie Las Vegas to win the division. So it could be a very merry Christmas for the Chiefs and their fans. During his weekly chat on KCSP (610 AM), quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked about possibly clinching the AFC West on Christmas Day. He knows a victory over the Raiders will get the Chiefs in the playoffs as division champions.


“That’s always our first goal is to win the AFC West,” Mahomes said. “We understand how hard that is to do. You have to come in with that mentality of every single year, you’ve got to play your best game …. (have) your best practice, your best film study, whatever that is, in order to win the AFC West. “And so for us to have this opportunity, we know it won’t be easy. The Raiders are playing good football and they definitely want to beat us. And so we have to come in with the mentality that we’re gonna play our best game and have our best week of practice in order to go out there and win that game.” The Raiders are coming off a 63-21 blowout of the Chargers last Thursday, and will be looking to end a six-game losing streak against the Chiefs. Las Vegas has lost 11 of the previous 12 meetings against the Chiefs, dating to the Raiders’ days in Oakland. Mahomes said winning the division is just one of the Chiefs’ goals. “If when you win that game, obviously we win the AFC West, and we celebrate that for about one night and then we can focus on that next week and trying to do whatever we can to continue to build momentum going into the playoffs,” he said.

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